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The massive disruption we are seeing globally is also an opportunity for leaders of companies to reset for growth. Now is the time to focus on strategic imperatives that will impact growth opportunities and shape the future. Artificial Intelligence is at the core of the future and every business will be implementing this in some form. Frost Digital Ventures has developed an unique framework on how Human, Software & Machines can collaborate to achieve exponentially more than what each would have individually. The Human+Digital+Artificial INTELLIGENCE™ Framework is the new way to win with AI and succeed during this wave of disruptive innovation.

Re-imagine your business with our
Human+Digital+Artificial INTELLIGENCE™ Framework


Not just
Machine Centric

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Human+Digital+Artificial (HDA) INTELLIGENCE™ Framework

Frost Digital Ventures way of winning with AI

HDA Intelligence™ Framework

HDA Intelligence™ framework integrates humans, software and machines to outperform humans or machines performing on their own for actionable intelligence. This adds velocity in achieving the Growth Opportunities, specially in the age of the ‘new normal’.

  • Transformative Integrated Intelligence Framework and not a siloed approach
  • Comprehensive, yet Modular to adapt to your business and technology readiness
  • Focuses on the ‘big picture’, but delivers quick wins with value
  • Flexible framework, and not hard-coded for any specific vertical or use case

Human+Digital+Artificial INTELLIGENCE™
Transformation Services

Comprehensive assessment & execution of AI solutions to Harness the power of
Human+Digital+Artificial INTELLIGENCE™ and augment your business

Point Solutions

Point Solution Projects

Quickly rollout AI solutions addressing specific use cases with an assured success rate

Point Solutions

System Integration Services

Integration of multiple processes, systems, implementation of best-of-breed solutions and AI models

Point Solutions

As a Service

Ongoing Monitoring, Operation and Maintenance of processes, systems, solutions and AI models

Point Solutions

Talent Development

Program that goes beyond the hype, to create the right awareness along with reskill and upskill to achieve the potential & benefits of AI for business growth

Ask us to deliver winning AI solutions for your business

Achieving Value through
Human+Digital+Artificial INTELLIGENCE™ Solution in 111 Days

While AI is a transformational technology, the real benefit comes from your organization's ability to extract value out of it. Delivering a successful AI solution is dependent on many factors, from identifying the right problem to availability of data to AI talent and more. We have designed the HDA111™ just for this purpose to deliver a Proof-of-Value solution, using AI that educates all stakeholders and builds confidence on the benefits of AI. While at the same time saving you from expensive mistakes and execution risks that plague many wrongly conceptualized AI projects.

HDA 111™
  • HDA

    1 Day

    Toolkit to assess your Human+Digital+Artificial Intelligence™ Maturity

  • HDA

    10 Days

    Engaged workshop to analyze the HDA Diagnostic Result to identify & prioritize the business growth opportunities to act upon

  • HDA
    Proof of Value

    100 Days

    Delivering HDA Intelligence™ Framework based AI solution realizing tangible business benefits

GEM of a Value through
Human+Digital+Artificial INTELLIGENCE™ Framework

Grow your business...

Grow your business in the age of the ‘new normal’ through successful HDA Intelligence™ Transformation Initiatives

Upskill, Reskill and develop...

Upskill, Reskill and develop HDA Intelligence™ talent for the future ready workforce

Harness the power...

Harness the power of HDA Intelligence™ to augment your business for future through Prediction-Precision-Performance

Frost Digital Ventures is your trusted partner for winning with AI

Frost Digital Ventures

Harness the Power of Human+Digital+Artificial INTELLIGENCE™

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Frost Digital Ventures works as your strategic Digital & AI transformation partner to augment your business growth. Our unique Human+Digital+Artificial (HDA) INTELLIGENCE™ Framework holistically integrates humans, software and machines for collaboration to outperform humans or machines performing on their own to deliver integrated, practical and cost-effective actionable intelligence solutions. Our HDA Intelligence™ Framework and world class team of experts empowers organizations with Prediction-Precision-Performance to succeed in your Intelligence Transformation journey and grow your business.

Frost Digital Ventures is an affiliate company of Frost & Sullivan.

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